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Our Approach: Performance for Purpose: Poetry + Capoeira Workshops


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that originated in Salvador Bahia, Brasil. Used as a form of self-defense and source of hope for escaped slaves, Capoeira was a primary mode of resistance and liberation for those held in captivity. We draw upon the elements of rhythm, sound, and movement in Capoeira to give voice to the silenced stories within each one of us. 


Poetry is a form of creative-writing that breaks the standard syntax structure of conventional language and phrases. It functions in both Rap and Hip-hop as a primary base from which some of our most memorable and meaningful songs and cultural expressions emerge. Through Poetic storytelling workshops we encourage redemption, restoration, transformation to manifest a world rooted in compassion, radical love, and social justice. 

Based in ideology from Brazilian Activist and Scholar, Paulo Freire, our Capoeira and Poetry workshops draw from concepts of Theatre of the Oppressed. We approach analysis of oppression through a convergent theoretical framework where the object of oppression is cut across by such factors as race, class, gender, culture, language, and ethnicity.  We aim to break cycles of violence and abuse by supplying positive creative outlets and tools for the oppressed to become active-participants in awakening their self-consciousness and transforming themselves as a means of creating a more empathic and cohesive society.

We collaborate with juvenile facilities, domestic violence shelters, mental health clinics, after school programs, universities, residential treatment facilities, developmentally delayed centers, recreational community centers.