We believe that art can save lives, and if we can save one life, we can save the world. We plan to achieve this goal through our philosophy that you must "Hear me out, See what I'm about, and Do the dang thang" in order to create sustainable self-change and liberation. In our "Hear, See, Do" curriculum we practice introspective exercises and workshops that equip people with the tools to make their freedom of expression a reality through their art. In this way they are able to truly break the boxes that society places on them, or that they have placed on themselves mentally, and live out their greatest potential.


Engaging motivational speakers and scholars in conversations about ways they have learned to break the boxes in their life. 


Producing performances, exhibitions and movement showcases of artists who provide audiences the opportunity to experience  authentic storytelling. 


Implementing creative expression curriculum to heighten self confidence, motivation, and freedom to live out their greatest potential.

Our Team